Preliminary Installation Instructions

(For those wanting to test/tinker with Clayface)

First of all, Clayface requires Python 2.1 or later, MySQL, MySQL-Python (available from and Apache (anything which supports mod_rewrite and which has cgi enabled should do fine). To set up clayface, the steps required are something like this:

1) Create the database using the script located in db/clayface.db (mysql (additional options) < db/clayface.db is the manner in which to do it as is described in the MySQL manual).

2) Configure Clayface itself by editing the "" file, located within the src/ directory. It might also be necessary to change the interpreter line in main.cgi (#!/usr/bin/python by default) to something else if Python is located somewhere else on your system.

3) Copy the src/ directory to a location which is designated as executable by your webserver (somewhere like /var/www/cgi-bin/clayface/ should suffice).

4) Set up mod_rewrite to make wikipage entries work correctly, by putting something like the following into a file named ".htaccess" in a directoy named "clayface" in your document root (/var/www/htdocs usually):

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule (.*) /cgi-bin/clayface/main.cgi?page=$1 [L]

5) Access your new installation via http://(your web server)/clayface/WikiWord

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